Tools Can Build…

A really big bridge!

We love to brag on the blue tools and all the great things our member agencies and their incredibly dedicated volunteers can do. For this posting, let’s hear it straight from the park’s mouth! Check out the fun as our pals from Park Pride review thier incredible adventure at Jennie Drake Park. **Recap totally stolen from

Blue Can Build…

Value of tool borrowed: $19,479
Cost to charitable agency: $705.46 Yep, all this for only $705.46!
Tools utilized: power drills and saws, shovels and spades, weed wrenched and McLeod tools, wheelbarrows, measuring tapes, hammers, sledgehammers, tarps, trashgrabbers, generators, work gloves, socket sets, folding tables and more…

Amazing Feats Accomplished: 

On Thursday, October 29th, 150 volunteers from Bennett Thrasher descended on Jennie Drake Park in the northwest Atlanta neighborhood of Collier Heights.

Jennie Drake Park was an undeveloped park (aside from the beautiful park entrance that was dedicated in May of this year, and the City of Atlanta park sign). There were a number of branch lined paths that meandered through the wooded greenspace, and neighborhood children liked to jump back and forth between the banks of the small creek that runs through the center.

On this Bennett Thrasher workday, however, the park was transformed! Volunteers installed 2 bridges to cross the creek, 2 benches built and installed, cleared land and installed plantings and created a new cobblestone park entrance, build a stone switchback path leading into the park, created about 750 of trail through the park (about 1/2 a raised gravel trail and the other half a mulch trail), and planted almost 400 native plants … WHEW!

It was quite a day and so much was accomplished! We’re proud to have been part of such a great partnership.

Thank you Friends of Jennie Drake Park for your passion for this space and for inviting us out for a transformative day.

Thank you Bennett Thrasher for your enthusiasm for hard-work, community and parks!

And thank you Councilmember Felicia Moore for the role you played in bringing this park to fruition and joining us as we turn the dream into reality!

We look forward to our next workday with you both.

We all invite you out to Jennie Drake Park to enjoy this amazing greenspace!

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Game On! #WithMyToolBank

So, how do you build an entire playground in just one day? Laurel Ridge Elementary knows just how to get it done!

1) Align with top-notch, community lovin’ sponsors.

2) Organize 600+ awesome volunteers.

3) Purchase $17,713 worth of tools… Oh, wait… spend $3,500 to rent enough tools.
OH, WAIT… Stop the sledgehammer – there’s a ToolBank in town! OK, Whew; borrow all the tools you need for just $531.67, and keep them for up to 7 days. That was a close one, folks. 

4) Have a great day building camaraderie and one heck of an amazing play space.

Congrats to the children, volunteers and staff of Laurel Ridge Elementary. Dreams do come true!



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Why Play?

We’ve all heard it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it takes a ToolBank to build that village and keep it safe, sustainable and strong. When it comes to keeping kids on the move, your Atlanta Community ToolBank is dedicated to supporting local efforts to keep our youth engaged in serious fun. Check out why it benefits us all: 

Developing Leadership and complex problem solving: It all starts on a playground. Right now, future leaders are learning to delegate monkey bar rotation, developing slide rules and even negotiating terms for swing use. Lifting a friend after a fall, sharing gummy bears from a lunch sack, working past a spat – all good stuff!

Enhancing concentration and focus: We all want future drivers in our community to stay on point, right? Those cherubic faces on the playground will be sweet sixteen in a blink. Today, they are learning to stay on task thanks to organized play and games. Learning to follow, and when to break, those basic rules of play that will ultimately govern society for a lifetime.

Building imagination and creative spark: Let’s face it. Most dreams started at recess. It’s where you don that first super-hero cape, the first time you really believe you can fly, that initial inkling of what you just might want to become. Not to mention, all the mud pies you can make.

Maintaining overall health: Stronger immune systems, higher vitamin D absorption, lower obesity rates and all the associated chronic health issues – play is preventative medicine at its best.