All About Our Vets…

VEO Award

ATL ToolBank accepting a service award from long-term ToolBank member agency VEO!

As the original ToolBank, your local Atlanta Community ToolBank is proud to have essentially birthed its own parent nonprofit, ToolBank USA.  With a mission to replicate the tool lending model in the top 150 urban American hubs – ToolBank USA is planting a national powerhouse dedicated to wiping tool scarcity off the map!

This collective impact is transforming the way communities leverage volunteer labor and fostering a collaborative blueprint for sustainable self-efficiency. And, that impact touches every cause you care about. Check out how our network is actively working to serve those who gave all – our military veterans…


ToolBanks loaned out nearly a half million dollars’ worth of blue tools to organizations that engage veterans in a meaningful way. They include Veteran’s Empowerment Organization (VEO) in Atlanta,  The Mission Continues in Atlanta and Houston, The 6th Branch in Baltimore, Lone Star Veterans Organization in Houston, Team Rubicon with ToolBank Disaster Services, Purple Heart Homes in Charlotte, and Team Depot, which is active in nearly every ToolBank city.


Dobbins Air Force Base puttin’ the blue tools to great use, revitalizing a historic cemetery.

Some of the agencies look to returning veterans as their source of volunteers, while others regard veterans as their clients. For most, it’s a mixture of both, assisting veterans in need and leveraging volunteerism as a healthful way for service men and women to transition back to civilian life. Ramps, home repairs, home retrofitting, and weatherization are among the most popular projects fueled by ToolBank tools in support of veterans. Tools are de rigueur to conduct these projects, and ToolBanks from coast to coast are proud to aid these organizations in their inspiring call of duty.

Want to keep even more volunteers working hard for us all? Click to Donate NOW!


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