Real Tools Bringin’ Real Progress…


Better Together…

Great Friday of service as Youth Villages Americorps, Friends of Riverside Park and Park Pride put the blue tool magic to work transforming a former incinerator site on Atlanta’s West Side into a 100-acre park. OK, the vision was not completed in one work day. BUT… the plan is in motion and great progress abounds. Volunteers removed invasive overgrowth and construced new trails – all in preparation for the future Riverwalk Atlanta. This amazing park space is located close to the Chattahoochee River and will offer local residents and vistors alike ample opportunity to get active, enjoy nature or maybe even relax with a real book or two! Stay tuned for exciting updates.

Park Pride Atlanta, GAFriends in Service…

We love supporting local parks and working with the Park Pride team. And, special thanks to our photo “model” John, for always keeping the blue tools so organized! Nonprofits like Park Pride and all of their affiliated Friends of Parks teams are THE reason we can stay active, enjoy nature and gasp – maybe even crack open a real book under a balmy sky. This year alone, more than 1,000 volunteers have already put almost $50,000 worth of ‪#‎ATLToolBank‬ tools to work under the direction of dedicated coordinators like John. So, go enjoy those safe and pretty parks. And, when you get a chance, support a nonprofit fundraiser, high-five a volunteer and be sure to hug up on a nonprofit staffer. We can all make an impact, in our own unique way!

Ready to keep even more volunteers working hard for us all?
CLICK and Donate a buck to your Atlanta Community ToolBank today!


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