Save The Ducks… One ToolBank Booted Foot At A Time!

Zonolite4No one wants to swim in the muckety-muck. And now, thanks to some seriously adventurous volunteers, local ducks can wade free and clear. It was all hands on tools at Zonolite Park in Druid Hills this weekend, as Park Pride, South Fork Conservancy and Community Bucket joined forces to tackle the great cattails invasion.

Clearly, fun was the order of the day. But, the hard work addressed a serious issue, as the spikey and often pesky cattail is competitively superior under stable water conditions. A hostile takeover pro, this crazy plant blocks wildlife and reduces plant bio-diversity – and that’s just not good.

Kudos to all the brave souls who leapt in to save the pond, and kept on smiling even when a little water made it through those ToolBank rubber boots!

ToolBank Tools At Work: 10 Loppers, 30 Rubber Boots, 30 Rubber Gloves

 Ready to keep even more volunteers tooled up to serve? Click and DONATE NOW!
*Photos stolen — err, borrowed from Park Pride

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